Founded in 2001, Napoli Marble & Granite is a family-owned professional kitchen and bathroom design center, specializing in high-end design. We stand proudly at the forefront of our industry, working hard to transform new developments in the natural and engineered stone market into show- stopping masterpieces.

With so many varying qualities of stone and quartz available to fabricators, Napoli takes the time to learn their differences and pass on this knowledge to you so that you can make the right choice for your family. Whether your luxe designs include marble, granite, or quartz, we will get you the best materials at the best price, every time.

Visit our one-stop destination to speak with one of our specialists who will walk you through the process of making your vision come to life. Our store even has a play center, so your children have a space to play while we select the materials to transform your family home into a masterpiece.

  • Marianne Rosner

    A true dynamo, Marianne has started two companies from scratch, run her father’s air conditioning business, raised a family of 6 thriving children, and somehow found time to write a novel.

    Being busy hasn’t distracted Ms. Rosner from the needs of her community, as the many awards and plaques in her shop attest—indicating her involvement in causes like breast cancer awareness, the American Heart Association, and the Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

    Sean Rosner.

    Marianne’s right hand man, Sean is also Marianne’s son.