Granite Sinks Pros and Cons

Sep 19, 2016

If a granite sink is on your kitchen project wish list, check out these pros and cons before deciding:


  • Granite adds value to your home! Granite has become extremely popular in the last 5-10 years and homebuyers will pay more for granite surfaces that will last long and look great.
  • Granite surfaces are sanitary and easy to clean. They do not harbor bacteria and can be easily cleaned with soap and warm water. You can also purchase special granite cleaners that provide a thin protective film to the surface.
  • Granite looks great! It’s a one-of-a-kind, natural surface with an almost luminous look to it.
  • Granite can be formed into a variety of shapes that will best suit your kitchen or bathroom needs. Granite can be cut into arches, curves, squares, 90 and 45 degree angles, and more.
  • There are a ton of color options available for granite. You can use our Kitchen Visualizer to help choose the colors that will go best in your home!
  • Granite is super durable! The surface is resistant to knife nicks, heat, and general wear and tear. You can even cut directly on your granite countertop.
  • There are many sink options that you can install into granite countertops, such as farm sinks, vessel sinks, undermounts and over mounts.


  • Granite can be expensive. However, you are paying for durability and a great look!
  • Each slab of granite is unique, so if you prefer a completely uniform look, granite may not be the best option for you.
  • Granite can chip or crack when hit with hard, sharp objects. However, some chips and cracks are repairable.
  • Because it’s so heavy, granite countertops can require additional structural support to be installed to help support the weight.
  • Granite is difficult to remove, and doing so can sometimes damage cabinets.

Now that you have more information about granite sinks, we hope that you will be able to better make a decision about what is best for your home. If you have any more questions about granite sinks, feel free to contact us! We are happy to help educate customers about our products and help them choose the best fit for their homes.


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