Bring Out the Charm in Your Fireplace

Oct 10, 2016

Let's face it, the fireplace is always the focal point of any home. When you walk into a room, it instantly creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. A fireplace is definitely an attention grabber! But do you want to bring even more elegance out of your fireplace? You certainly can with stone surfaces!

Why should you spruce up your fireplace with stone? Well, for starters, it is a quick and easy way to add a bit of glamour and style. So you are probably asking, what parts of the fireplace can be titled and what are the best stones to use? Here is some insight on how to make your fireplace a true work of art:

There are two places of the fireplace that can get covered in tiles, the hearth of the fireplace and the surround. The hearth of fireplace extends into the flooring of your room and is the perfect place to display your tools and/or wood. It is very important to note that these stone tiles must be sturdy and heat resistant to protect your home from damaging ash and embers. On the other hand, the surround is the area around the actual fireplace. For this part of the fireplace, it's all about appeal. What kind of look are you going for? A modern twist with sleek marble or traditional look with granite?

Marble and granite are both suitable for a fireplace. To start, granite is a strong stone that is long lasting! It can also endure hot temperatures and will not crumble over time. The stone is surely distinctive, timeless, and comes in an array of colors/patterns. Granite is definitely a top pick for fireplaces! In contrast, marble is also a great stone to use and simple to clean, just use a little soap! A darker marble would be ideal over a lighter shade because fireplaces tend to leave behind debris. It certainly gives any room a facelift with its sleek and polished look! Additionally, it can hold up to the heat of the fire. After all, marble is formed under extreme temperatures!

Adding pizzazz to your fireplace can be easy and fun! Whether you choose marble or granite, your fireplace will instantly pop! Not only does stone add a wow factor to the fireplace, but it also adds sophistication that everyone will surely notice! Napoli Surfaces is here to help you tile your fireplace! Just simply visit our website, or give us a call at 516-826-6400. We are always pleased to assist your needs!