Quartz Surfaces 101

Oct 18, 2016

Quartz is a stone that usually gets overlooked and is often overshadowed by granite. When it comes to looking for surfaces for your home, quartz surfaces can be used in your kitchen, bathrooms, sinks and more! These surfaces are simply stunning and can be made to match your unique style. So let's take a closer look at this amazing stone and learn more about its features.

Quartz surfaces are composed of about 90% of the crushed stone, pigments and polyester resins. Quartz is not a natural stone like granite or marble, it is manmade. Because of this, quartz surfaces can be crafted into countless different colors and designs. They can be in green, blue, brown...the choice is all yours! How marvelous is that?! This stone is truly breathtaking! Sometimes you might even find some radiant recycled materials in these surfaces to give it a remarkable shine and another dimension of luxury.

Now let's dive into the advantages of quartz surfaces. The first benefit of using such a surface in your home is that quartz is literally stain proof! That right! Spill anything you want on there! Wine, soup, tomato sauce…..quartz has got you covered! This stone needs little upkeep: it doesn’t even need to be sealed and cleanup is a breeze! There is no need for special cleaners, just simply wash the surface with soap and water and POOF.....good as new! We also love that this surface is non-porous! Do you know what that means? It means that no bacteria can get into the surface, build up over time, and cause problems later on! Ok, still not convinced? Let us give you just one more impressive attribute of quartz: It’s one of the most dependable and long lasting stones out there, even more so than granite! Granite, you better what out for this new brilliant up-comer! However, be warned that these surfaces are heat resistant only up to 400 degrees.

At Napoli Surfaces, we carry many different brands of quarts such as: Cambria, Hanstone, Silestone, Caserstone, Dekton, Q Premium Natural Quartz. Take a leap onto the newest trend and add some individuality to your home with Quartz surfaces! Give us a call at 516-826-6400 for more information or visit our website to use our kitchen visualizing tool to see what quartz surface works best for you!