What You Need to Know About Marble

Oct 29, 2016

Marble is a type of metamorphic stone that brings elegance and charm into any room. It instantly captures the eye with its effortless and sleek style. There are many uses for marble, it can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, as flooring, on fireplaces and so much more. However, what kind of marble should you choose? Let's take a closer look at this beautiful stone and learn more about it:


Marble is a very unique stone and can come in an array of colors and varieties. Marble is very different from other stones because it has character with its vein and grain patterns. Each slab of marble has its own distinct look; no two slabs are the same. There are many types of marble available. The most common pieces are Statuary, Carrara, Emperador and Calacatta.

Statuary has a shimmery appearance like no other and can instantly add brightness to a home’s atmosphere. This type of tile is absolutely glamorous! Next, Carrara is the most common type of marble. It can be in the grey/white family and is more porous than other types. Want a marble that is different in color? Emperador marble can be in deeper shades in addition to the lighter colors. Try it in brown! Lastly, Calacatta marble is simply classy! It is typically white in color and has wide veins running throughout. However, Calacatta marble much more scarce than the other types mentioned. Ultimately, the choice of marble depends on your preference, needs, and other décor in your home.


There are also three different finishes of marble. This includes polished, honed, and sand. A polished marble is shined to perfection, usually the picture we have in our minds when we think of a timeless marble piece. Moreover, honed marble is also polished, but not as flashy and does not scratch as easily as polished marble. Lastly, sand marble adds another dimension of style.

Protecting your marble:

It is recommended to seal your marble when you first install it in your home. It is susceptible to stains because of its porous composure. Sealing this stone can be easily done and will make sure that your marble is long lasting. Protecting your marble really depends on how much you use it and when you start to notice scratches, dullness and stains, reseal it. Here's an added plus, marble is super easy to clean and durable when maintained properly.

Thinking about adding marble to your home? Consider the above and choose the surface that correlates with your exact needs and desires. Remember that Napoli Surfaces is always here to help pick the finest marble. Just give us a call at 516-826-6400 or visit our website today!