Avoid These Common Mistakes When Choosing Your Color Palette

Jan 25, 2017

When it comes to color design, the possibilities are endless. While choices are great, in some cases it may be too much. With so many possibilities thanks to new color technology, sometimes even the pros can take a wrong turn on the color wheel. So, make sure you avoid these common mistakes when it comes to choosing the colors for your home:

- Picking your paint color first: You should first look at the fabrics and the other elements in the room. If you choose the paint color first, then your options get narrowed significantly and you will have a harder time finding the right things to match.

- Picking a color that’s too bright: You might see a trendy color that’s very bright, which probably looks great as a ceramic, or a pillow, but if you choose that hue on the wall it will look a whole lot stronger and overwhelms the space.

- Thinking in rooms not in a home: Even if you live in a small apartment, transitioning colors from one room to the next can be tricky and if it doesn’t flow well you might end with a bright pink in the bedroom and a bright orange in the living room that leaves you nauseous.

- Picking your favorite color: It’s important to understand what room are you painting, if you are choosing a color for your bedroom a place you want to relax in, maybe it’s not a good idea to choose your favorite electric pink.