Bathroom Trends to Look for This Year

Jan 25, 2017

Bathrooms should feel like a sanctuary, a place to relax, a place to disconnect. Whether you’re looking for a spa experience or a cutting edge modern design, harnessing a few of these trends will make your bathroom look like it just came out of a magazine:

- Feature baths: This is not a new trend, but now, it’s taking over your bathroom. The bath will become the main feature showcasing different shapes, sizes and colors to stand out even more. Depending on the space, a block colored feature bath is the way to go this year. Think black, grey or a bold color in navy or red.

- Minimal: Everything is turning minimalist this year, bathrooms are going to be less cluttered and with more concealed storage solutions. Benches will be less styled and more clear; the whole idea is to create a mindful space.

- Natural materials: Timber and natural materials like stone will be very popular choices in the bathroom. They provide a modern aesthetic and luxurious appearance.

- Black and Brushed Metal Tapware: Both are great options that will give your bathroom a distinctive look. Brushed metal will age beautifully over time, black might lose a little bit of its sheen from water mark. This is a high-maintenance trend, but it will totally make your place special.

- Concealed Floor Wastes and Drains: Probably the best trend this year, for sure! Keeping in with the minimalist look, floor waists and drains will be concealed through tiling. Forget about chrome grated drains.

- Neutral colors: Black, white and grey will still be very popular choices as they are modern and timeless. But this year, a few tones will be introduced including charcoal, greige and granite.