Marble Still Dominates Home Décor

Mar 2, 2017

When it comes to home décor, true classics stay on trend forever. And that’s the case with the ever-popular marble. This year, interior design will be about bringing warmth and comfort into the home. Homeowners will start to shy away from overly industrial designs that feel stiff or cold, and they will start incorporating new fabrics and finishes to make home feel more approachable and welcoming.

Interior designer Young Huh, promises marble and brass will continue to dominate in 2017. “We’re going to see this trend in both kitchen and baths,” Huh explains. “It’s that combination of something very natural and clean, like white marble, and something industrial, hard, and a little bit glamorous with the brass.”

In addition, marble will be paired with muted colors like whites, beiges, pale grays, camel and blush pink which will be super on trend for kitchens. While, matching the sophistication of marble with more rustic elements in the bathroom, nature is having a huge influence in the bath this year, with wood finishes and greenery around to make a big contrast.

Keeping up with the muted colors trend, marble, especially in shades of white and light gray, will be one of the biggest trends this year. Experts predict marble to become an increasingly popular material for countertops, flooring and tabletops, as well as in everyday household items like serving platters or vases.