Best Bathroom Tile Trends this Season

Jul 5, 2017

Tiles are usually the primary décor element in a bathroom and really set the scene. This season, there are many new tile trends emerging that work for multiple design styles. Regardless of your bathroom style, you can mix and match these trends to go with what you already have.

Many Long Island homeowners like to match their tiles to their vanities, while others enjoy an eclectic style and throw different ideas together for dramatic effect. These are some of the new trends to look out for:

Patterned Tiles

Long gone are the days of technicolor tiles, this time you’ll see a reemergence of patterned tiles, perhaps to go with this year’s renewed focus on artisanship and craftsmanship.

Honeycomb Tiles

Designers everywhere are getting geometric with their tiles, with honeycomb (aka hexagon) shapes filling in tiled flooring and walls. The best part? Honeycomb tiles come in many colors. They will give your bathroom a retro look.

Color Patterns

Just like with glass backsplash, designers are piecing together intricate designs using a variety of colorful, geometric tiles to create their own pattern. This means the possibilities are endless! You can literally create your own mosaic or pattern based on different tiles.

Espresso Tones

Although color is a huge trend this year, earthier tones such as chocolate brown or espresso hues will still resonate for those looking for a more neutral color palette. Floor tiles in a deep brown add dimension to a neutral space. For this tile trend, specifically you will see a move to matte finishes instead of glossy, to go for that natural look.

Long Subway Tiles

This season seems to be all about atypical tile shapes. Instead of choosing the traditional subway tile, interior designers are experimenting with a long and narrow tile to make the bathroom look sleeker. This will turn any bathroom into a modern one!

Fish Scale Tiles

This trend first emerged in 2016, but it’s in 2017 where it’s seeing its moment. Fish scale tiles are definitely not for everyone, they add this fashion-like ambiance to the bathroom, and also add an element of dimension, stepping out of the ‘boxy’ look that can easily occur in small bathrooms.