3 Common Mistakes to Avoid With Natural Stone

Jul 19, 2017

Natural stone tile is becoming very popular throughout New York and whether it’s granite, marble, slate, or travertine, you’ll find it cropping up in your friends’ homes. It’s a great choice for flooring, countertops, bathroom and even outside! However, there are some important decisions to consider during the process of getting new natural stone tiles to ensure ultimate satisfaction.

Here are the three most common mistakes we have come across during our years of experience:

1. Choosing the tile at the end of the design process

Because of its weight, natural stone needs a sturdy subfloor to provide sufficient support. If you choose your tiles before installing a subfloor that can take the full weight of your tile without flexing, you will end up with a serious structural problem that will disrupt the installation process. Working with us from the start of your design process will ensure issues like this don’t occur and you can focus on the finished product, worry-free.

2. Choosing the wrong adhesive and application

It’s very important you use professionals to install natural stone tiles. There are many aspects of stone tile that require more care than installing ceramic tiles bought off the rack at a home improvement store. Since you’re investing in quality natural stone, you’re buying into a unique design ingredient with organic surfaces that aren’t cookie-cutter clean. Professional installation will ensure the correct adhesive is used that is thick enough to compensate for the natural shape of the stone, If you don’t use an adhesive made for natural stone, you are at risk of black mold and other conditions that can occur when moisture is able to build up behind surfaces unchecked.

3. Ordering ‘just enough’ tile

When you work with professionals, you work with people who live and breathe this job. You have the comfort of working with trusted specialists, who know what to expect from every job and the pitfalls that occur regularly. For example, Napoli Surfaces knows that natural stone is a complex building material, which is why we aim for 5% extra raw materials to account for unexpected breakages during the cutting process.

When you order your natural stone tile from Napoli Surfaces our highly trained experts can help you avoid these mistakes!