4 Kitchen Backsplash Tile Ideas to Inspire Your Next Remodel

Aug 1, 2017

The kitchen backsplash is more important than you think: this small element not only sets the background, it protects the back wall of your cooking space from many food encounters and stains. If you’ve ever surfed over to HGTV, you know that kitchen backsplashes are available in endless styles, from glass tiles to traditional marble tiles or slabs.

These are some ideas to inspire your next remodel, so you can learn more about how this simple design element can transform the heart of your home:


Not only green is the color of the year, it also brings nature into your kitchen making it instantly warmer. By choosing an olive-green backsplash, your kitchen will have a more cheerful ambience. Pair it with tinted wood cabinets for a more traditional look, or go with crisp white countertops to turn it into a modern kitchen.

Off-white and copper

Lately, copper is making a huge comeback in contemporary décor. Pair it with some traditional horizontal white tiles to achieve a romantic yet traditional feeling in your kitchen. The white tiles will make it look wider and brighter while the nice rustic copper will add an extra dimension to the mix.


Glass backsplashes are very popular in the tri-state area among homeowners. One of the main reasons is because it’s so easy to clean, but glass tiles also provide you with many design possibilities. The most popular color to choose from is a blue mix, as this gives the kitchen a more relaxed feel. Blue is one of the colors most recommended by interior designers to create a sense of serenity in a room. However, the benefits of glass are that you can try any color combination and even choose for recycled glass tiles, making your renovation good for the planet, too!


Metallic tiles are definitely not for everybody, but taking a break from the traditional is quickly becoming a home décor trend. Metallic tiles range from conventional precious metals such as silver or gold, to a hybrid traditional spin on modern style using pennies as, just like penny floors. Homeowners are using the timeless penny to ground their contemporary kitchens and add a little warmth with coppery hues.