Bathroom Decor with Travertine

Aug 30, 2017

In recent years, we’ve noticed that more and more of our customers have taken a liking to natural stone and are using it for as many applications as possible. In bathrooms, natural stone can be used for flooring, wall mosaics, vanity tops, and even gorgeous tub surrounds. One of our bestsellers, in fact, is the popular stone travertine.

Experts say that the best travertine tine to use for bathrooms are either hone-finished or tumble-finished. Luckily, we offer both. On the one hand, hone-finished travertine has a matte finish that softens the stone’s appearance. On the other hand, we have tumble-finished travertine, which boasts an antiquated appearance to complement and enhance the stone’s natural colors. Both styles of travertine can withstand the everyday spills and splashes that occur in our bathrooms, including spilled makeup or other beauty products!

Travertine tiles in a bathroom are easy to clean and removing any soap or water buildup is quick and easy. A simple wipe removes any mess and leaves your tiles good as new. Plus, there are so many colors and patterns available that you’re sure to find your dream bathroom coloring at our store. The design options are nearly endless at Napoli Surfaces.

There is one caveat to note: if you’re looking to transform your bathroom with travertine, It’s crucial to seal the natural stone because you will be using it in a high moisture area. Sealing the travertine will protect your natural stone from absorbing water for years – making it easy to maintain! While many homeowners use the stone for fixtures such as sinks and bathtubs, other clients have fallen in love with Travertine so much they renovate their entire bathroom in travertine!

Is travertine the right stone for your bathroom renovation project? Browse our selection of